On Saturday, my daughters and I had a chance to play some games.  We wanted to keep it light and quick, so we tried out a couple of new ones…

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Haven’t been able to post much, but hopefully that’ll change this weekend.  Should be having a family game night, tonight!  Probably a couple of party games  🙂

Also need to put up a mini-review of Coconuts!  We’ve been having a blast with this game and everyone we’ve showed it to has loved it.  Definitely deserves more of a write-up than “we played it”…

Here’s to more frequent updates starting this weekend!

Brynna and I had a little daddy/daughter gaming today while people took naps or played at friends’ houses…

photo 1We started out with some Carcassonne!  We haven’t played in a while, and this is the first time we’ve included the Inns & Cathedrals expansion!  I actually like it quite a bit.  We ended up having to skip one of the cathedrals because there was absolutely NOWHERE to play it!  It took Brynna a little bit to get the hang of the subtle differences between the expansion and the base.  We never really had a chance to make use of the mega meeples…  I won pretty easily, but Brynna made a respectable showing.  I think we’ll keep the expansion merged with the base game in the future.  It adds enough that I think it’s a great addition.  Things I thought were going to be big scorers ended up failing because I didn’t finish them.  If all of the expansions play like this one, we’ll probalby end up getting some more!  🙂

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It’s overdue, but we finally had Funk Family Game Night #49!  We had intended to play a couple of new games, but our first run-through of game 1 took a while as we learned the rules..  But totally worth it!  Jungle Ascent is an EXCELLENT family game!

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Brynna and I played Relic Expedition, again!  We added in the Missions expansion.  This expansion adds a deck of mission cards rather than the standard “any 4-of-a-kind” or “any 4-of-one-color” end goals.

Brynna drew relic tile after relic tile and won before I had stumbled across a single relic!  She had mercy on her dad, though, and wanted to play 2 missions to win rather than one.  To get the rest of the needed relics, we explored every tile and landmark in the game  🙂

Still Brynna’s favorite and her go-to game when we’re playing just the 2 of us  🙂

Home with the three girls all day today on this cold President’s Day. Brynna had a friend over and Maddie was napping, so Abby and I played some Scopa! Read More

A fairly wonky weekend, so not much gaming. *sigh* Brynna and I did get a chance to play some Dungeon Heroes and to try out the Lord of the Undead expansion. As expected, it was a blast. 🙂

Brynna should’ve beat me, but spent her actions raising monsters and flipping tiles. She didn’t realize she’d only left the treasures unflipped, so I was able to make a quick dash to the one I needed before being overrun. But a close, fun game!

The girls realized that they’d ‘lose’ their mother and I after kickoff tonight, so they wanted to get some early gaming in.  I, of course, agreed…  Suddenly Abby appears with a STACK of games 😀  Oh, well, more games == more fun!

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Our family really enjoys a good co-op game.  We enjoy a lot of direct competition, too, don’t get me wrong.  But there’s just something about working together as a team to defeat the game that really resonates.  And, depending on the moods of those involved, sometimes co-op rather than take-that is the recipe for a happy game time.  🙂

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Too cold outside to run many errands or do much of ANYTHING outdoors..  Instead, we got a chance to play some games!  Never really had all of us together at once, so lots of 3-person gaming, today…

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