We played IncrediBrawl and Relic Expedition! Abby wanted a rematch in IncrediBrawl, and Relic Expedition has become Brynna’s favorite game! I ended up pulling out a spectacular win in the brawl, but Abby out-explored us all and escaped with her relics on the helicopter. 🙂


Played a quick family game of IncrediBrawl tonight. Everyone loved it! I’m sure it will hit the table often. 🙂 And I won!

Months ago, I helped Kickstart a new game called ‘IncrediBrawl‘ by Vision3Games (V3G).  The game looked right up our alley with great art/theme, easy learning curve, a good bit of luck, and lots of fun.  And, to top it off, V3G is based out of Indianapolis!  How often do I get to see a game from a LOCAL game company??

The campaign was a big success for V3G.  They made all but one stretch goal and the game would be produced.  Here we are, months later in January, and the game is ready to be delivered!  EARLY, no less!  And then V3G announces they’re going to do personal releases at two of the local GamePreserve locations..  w00t!  It’s rare that I get to participate in something like this locally outside of GenCon, so I jumped at the opportunity.  Since Brynna is my big ‘play tester’ (ALWAYS ready to try out a new game), I asked if she wanted to go with.  She thought it sounded fun, so I picked her up after piano lessons and away we went!

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Abby isn’t feeling very good, so we just played a couple of quick hands of Sleeping Queens.  We split the wins.   But I got the Cat Queen in the 2nd game (which she ALWAYS wants), so I count that as the tie-breaker…  😀

I thought it would be fun to post a list of all of our ‘official’ Funk Family Game Nights.  Lately, they’ve been few and far between, but I hope to rectify that and will ‘micro-blog’ them when we have them.  I’ll probably drop in some individual gameplays on here in little blips, too, in the future…  Maybe..

Anyway, these are our official gamenights in the form of my Facebook posts 😛

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As my girls have gotten older, I’ve tried to find new and interesting ways to enjoy our time as a family.  Some have been successes, and some have been failures.  I grew up with a little brother, so the challenge of finding things that my girls will enjoy doing with me has sometimes been..  Uh..  challenging.  Fortunately, my oldest loves basketball, and the 2 older ones share my taste in movies (much to the chagrin of their mom).  Brynna and I will sit and do puzzles together while we talk.  Abby discusses her favorite books with me.  We sing and act goofy.  Maddie is content just being able to throw herself on me when I’m not looking.  But, occasionally, something more structured is called for… Read More