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Brynna wanted to play some games this afternoon before they went over to swim with the neighbors.  We decided to play a couple of quick card games. First, she chose Spot It.  Spot It is Brynna’s go-to quick game.  Unfortunately for me, I have to REALLY concentrate to have a chance at beating her.  There’s […]

Got a chance to play some Formula E with my girls the other night!  I’ve been excited to try this game since it first landed on Kickstarter.  IMO, Clever Mojo Games knocked it out of the park!  We’ve had luck with card-based racing games (especially Salmon Run) in the past, so I couldn’t see how […]

On Saturday, my daughters and I had a chance to play some games.  We wanted to keep it light and quick, so we tried out a couple of new ones…

Brynna and I had a little daddy/daughter gaming today while people took naps or played at friends’ houses… We started out with some Carcassonne!  We haven’t played in a while, and this is the first time we’ve included the Inns & Cathedrals expansion!  I actually like it quite a bit.  We ended up having to […]

Brynna and I played Relic Expedition, again!  We added in the Missions expansion.  This expansion adds a deck of mission cards rather than the standard “any 4-of-a-kind” or “any 4-of-one-color” end goals. Brynna drew relic tile after relic tile and won before I had stumbled across a single relic!  She had mercy on her dad, […]

Home with the three girls all day today on this cold President’s Day. Brynna had a friend over and Maddie was napping, so Abby and I played some Scopa!

The girls realized that they’d ‘lose’ their mother and I after kickoff tonight, so they wanted to get some early gaming in.  I, of course, agreed…  Suddenly Abby appears with a STACK of games 😀  Oh, well, more games == more fun!

Too cold outside to run many errands or do much of ANYTHING outdoors..  Instead, we got a chance to play some games!  Never really had all of us together at once, so lots of 3-person gaming, today…

Played a quick family game of IncrediBrawl tonight. Everyone loved it! I’m sure it will hit the table often. 🙂 And I won!

Abby isn’t feeling very good, so we just played a couple of quick hands of Sleeping Queens.  We split the wins.   But I got the Cat Queen in the 2nd game (which she ALWAYS wants), so I count that as the tie-breaker…  😀

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