Love Letter and Spot It!

Sunday , 1, June 2014 Leave a comment

Brynna wanted to play some games this afternoon before they went over to swim with the neighbors.  We decided to play a couple of quick card games.

First, she chose Spot It.  Spot It is Brynna’s go-to quick game.  Unfortunately for me, I have to REALLY concentrate to have a chance at beating her.  There’s something about the quick pattern recognition that makes it almost a dexterity game..  And I’m NOT good at dexterity games.  None of the 3 games we played had a spread larger than 3 cards.  It always amazes me how close our games are  🙂  We played the ‘party’ version without the big hand.  And we always play the ‘draw your match’ version because it’s the quickest to set up.  Spot It remains one of our favorites  🙂

We’ve been picking and packing up games to take with us on our upcoming trip to Hilton Head!  I bought a few new, quick card games to take for the trip to give us some light gaming when the sun gets too hot.  Among those, I picked up Love Letter (Kanai Factory edition)!  I like the Kanai edition because of the box, but now I’m seriously considering getting the regular addition to due to mechanics differences  🙂

It took Brynna very little time to get the hang of Love Letter.  And it played quick enough that she wanted to go through all of the cubes.  We _ALMOST_ did, but when I had 7 and she couldn’t win (she had 5), we stopped.

I REALLY enjoyed Love Letter.  And, to my surprised, Brynna did, too.  I thought we’d only play a couple of rounds, but she drove the decision to play more!  The Kanai edition is a great looking game.  HOWEVER, now that I’ve played it, we might get the regular version in the bag, too..  Brynna lost at least 3 rounds due to the Minister.  And not just by holding onto it for too long, but by drawing it after having a high card in her hand.  She never got frustrated, but she always hoped the minister was the card put to the side  🙂

I think Love Letter will be a great addition on our vacation as we’re relaxing in the A/C after a lot of beach time.  As we play our games, I’ll write up a bit about each to put on the blog, too..  Should be a GREAT family vacation!

Let me know your thoughts!