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GenCon 2013

Giant King of Tokyo

Hey, all! Jason, here. Thought people might like a brief background on who I am and what I’ll be blogging about.

I’m a software engineer (focusing mainly on web development — the back-end make-it-work stuff, not the front-end make-it-pretty stuff).  I’ve done pretty much everything from e-commerce to online banking to billing systems…

My gaming was mostly limited to computer gaming growing up.  I played the occasional board game (Monopoly, Risk, Chess, The Dukes of Hazzard, etc.), but was really more into PC games (Kings Quest series, Warcraft, Starcraft…).  And, of course, demolishing my brother on whatever console we had at the time was a big hit!

As I’ve gotten older (notice I didn’t say ‘matured’), I’ve branched out considerably.  I’ve been ‘catching up’ on some of the things I missed out on, while completely dropping most PC gaming.  A few years ago I built a MAME arcade cabinet, which filled that retro-gaming fix.  And, now that I have kids, I’ve been finding ways to include them in whatever gaming I do.  This desire for family time, and a surprisingly well-timed premier of Wil Wheaton’s TableTop, started me on the path to the somewhat regular ‘FUNK FAMILY GAME NIGHT’!  And that, of course, is the theme of this site!

Speaking of family, I’ve got a wife and 3 daughters (yes, get those ‘paying for 3 weddings’ jokes out of your system…).  My wife, Jenn, enjoys playing games as a family, but her tastes differ DRASTICALLY from mine (mostly dice rollers and the occasional party game).  My oldest daughter, Abby, is 12. She almost solely likes card games.  My middle daughter, Brynna, is 9, and is my main game player.  She’s always up for a new game or sitting down with an old favorite.  My baby girl, Maddie, is only 3, so her gaming is limited to keeping her out of the bits and pieces and boxes and the occasional Candy Land or HABA game…

Anyway, I’ve rambled on enough…  I’m always open for questions if you have any, and I hope someone, anyone, stumbles upon my site..  And maybe even enjoys it………

Let me know your thoughts!