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I was fortunate enough to be sent a preview copy of the Corruption expansion for the game Council of Verona from designer Michael Eskue and Crash Games. I love the base game, and my family loves playing with the Poison expansion, so I was really excited to get an opportunity to play it early! You […]

One of my favorite things about GenCon 2014 was being able to meet so many of the people from the board game community. Everyone from designers to publishers to artists to reviewers to enthusiasts were in attendance. I got to meet YouTube celebs like Boyan Radakovich. I got to play games with publishers/friends like Randy […]

Gen Con, as expected, was AWESOME! While I didn’t get to do evertying on my list, I did get to do a GREAT many things.  And, as I hoped, I got to experience more than I had planned on. My first day of GenCon started with an official TableTop event run by Boyan (thegamesmith)! I […]

GenCon is just around the corner, and I. CAN’T. WAIT. Last year was the first year I attended, and was lucky enough to go with some friends who had gone before. It was OVERWHELMING. There was so much to see and do! I’ll admit that I spent the majority of my time in the Exhibit […]

With vacation on the horizon (CAN’T WAIT), we’ve been putting together a stack of games that we thought would be good to take with us.  Our vacation is mostly a beach/sun/outdoor vacation, but I’m sure when we’re tired from a long day of playing, we’ll be looking for ways to settle in and relax.  And […]

Haven’t been able to post much, but hopefully that’ll change this weekend.  Should be having a family game night, tonight!  Probably a couple of party games  🙂 Also need to put up a mini-review of Coconuts!  We’ve been having a blast with this game and everyone we’ve showed it to has loved it.  Definitely deserves […]

A fairly wonky weekend, so not much gaming. *sigh* Brynna and I did get a chance to play some Dungeon Heroes and to try out the Lord of the Undead expansion. As expected, it was a blast. 🙂 Brynna should’ve beat me, but spent her actions raising monsters and flipping tiles. She didn’t realize she’d […]

Our family really enjoys a good co-op game.  We enjoy a lot of direct competition, too, don’t get me wrong.  But there’s just something about working together as a team to defeat the game that really resonates.  And, depending on the moods of those involved, sometimes co-op rather than take-that is the recipe for a […]

Months ago, I helped Kickstart a new game called ‘IncrediBrawl‘ by Vision3Games (V3G).  The game looked right up our alley with great art/theme, easy learning curve, a good bit of luck, and lots of fun.  And, to top it off, V3G is based out of Indianapolis!  How often do I get to see a game […]

As my girls have gotten older, I’ve tried to find new and interesting ways to enjoy our time as a family.  Some have been successes, and some have been failures.  I grew up with a little brother, so the challenge of finding things that my girls will enjoy doing with me has sometimes been..  Uh..  […]

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