Pre-SuperBowl Gaming

Sunday , 2, February 2014 Leave a comment

The girls realized that they’d ‘lose’ their mother and I after kickoff tonight, so they wanted to get some early gaming in.  I, of course, agreed…  Suddenly Abby appears with a STACK of games 😀  Oh, well, more games == more fun!

1) Bugs & Co – Fast and frenetic matching and memory..  I got beat pretty badly…  My mind isn’t what it used to be apparently  😛

2) Gubs – Gotta love GameWright!  Another fun little card game.  Save and protect your gubs while trying to steal or destroy those of your opponents.  I kept winning, so they kept demanding rematches.  I must be a Gubs savant!

3) IncrediBrawl – Who knew rock/paper/scissors could be so fun?  🙂  Still enjoying this card game of quirky character battles every time we play  🙂  Hoping for expansions in the future…

4) Farmageddon – I really like this game because fortunes can turn pretty quickly.  I started out (only 2-player against Abby) winning by a large margin, but a few hands where I couldn’t plant or steal crops, and Abby caught up quickly.  I ended up winning, but barely…

5) Poo – Sometimes I wish I hadn’t gotten this one.  It’s a pretty easy ‘take that’ game, but it tends to drag on as players clean themselves over and over.  I was hording my ‘Blaze of Glory’ card the whole game..  I love that card.

Not sure if we’ll play any more (we’ve been interspersing games with some pool and such), but a lot of fun had.  Nice trash talk and some friendly (and a couple of times not-so-friendly) competition  🙂  A good warm-up for the big game tonight!  Go Manning! (And I guess the Broncos, too…)

Let me know your thoughts!