Cold Outside == Fun Inside!

Sunday , 26, January 2014 Leave a comment

Too cold outside to run many errands or do much of ANYTHING outdoors..  Instead, we got a chance to play some games!  Never really had all of us together at once, so lots of 3-person gaming, today…

Started out with ‘Bugs & Co’..  It’s an interesting and chaotic memory game.  Everyone plays simultaneously and once they’ve picked up ‘bugs’, they can’t look at them again to verify their matches.  Quite a bit of light fun for such a simple game.

Introduced the girls to ‘Haggis’..  It’s more of a straight card game.  Play sets and sequences of increasing value as you take turns.  First one out of cards gets extra points based on number of cards left in opponents hand.  A lot more depth than I would’ve thought, and one we’ll have to play a few more times to really get the hang of…

My favorite, today, was probably  ‘Farmageddon’!  We messed up one of the rules, but still had a great time planting/fertilizing our crops and sabotaging our opponents.  It’s a light and easy ‘take that’ game that I can see us playing quite a bit.  We’re looking forward to adding in the ‘FrankenCrop’ cards now that we’ve got the hang of it..  Only downside is that I’m reminded we don’t play that many ‘take that’ games when the girls get mad at each other for doing something to them.  *sigh*  Another reason to play it multiple times, I guess  🙂  IT’S JUST A GAME!  🙂

Stay warm and safe, all.

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