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I thought it would be fun to post a list of all of our ‘official’ Funk Family Game Nights.  Lately, they’ve been few and far between, but I hope to rectify that and will ‘micro-blog’ them when we have them.  I’ll probably drop in some individual gameplays on here in little blips, too, in the future…  Maybe..

Anyway, these are our official gamenights in the form of my Facebook posts 😛

Family game night! “Zombie Dice”, “Forbidden Island”, and maybe some “We Didn’t Play Test This At All”… And dessert! Family fun!!

Duck, Duck, GO!

Funk Family Game Night #2! Chomp and Reverse Charades!

Funk Family Game Night #3 (random Thursday edition)! Brynna chose more Zombie Dice and more Reverse Charades! And Abby picked m&m brownies for our snack 🙂

Funk Family Game Night #4 (with special guest – Jeremy Funk)!! Zombie Dice (with Double Feature expansion) and Wits and Wagers Family!!

Funk Family Game Night #5! “We Didn’t Playtest This at All” (with the “We Didn’t Playtest This Either” expansion), “Chomp”, and “Forbidden Island”! Excellent family fun! 🙂

Funk Family Game Night #6 (Short-and-Sweet Edition) – Toss Up! and Rat-a-Tat-Cat! The parents were shut out, tonight….

Tsuro of the Seas

Funk Family Game Night #7 – Sleeping Queens and Mexican Train Dominos.. I think Jenn was cheating…….

Funk Family Game Night #8 (with special guests, Grandma and Papaw Funk)!! Tsuro and Wits & Wagers Family. Brynna swept the games (with a little help from Papaw)…

Funk Family Game Night #9! Rat-A-Tat-Cat, Chomp!, and Get Bit!! (Not sure why the mostly fish-themed games, but…) – Great way to end a day! (And the chili for dinner and the no-bake cookies for a snack didn’t hurt…)

Last night was Funk Family Game Night #10! Castle Panic! We held strong for several rounds avoiding destruction with our lone remaining tower… But in the end, the invading hordes proved too much for us… Next time!!!

Funk Family Game Night #11 (the parents aren’t feeling very good edition)… Nick DVD Bingo!

Funk Family Game Night #12! The Very Hungry Caterpillar Card Game and Reverse Charades Junior!

Funk Family Game Night #13! Castle Panic! 13 appears to be our lucky number because we defended the castle from the oncoming orcs, goblins, and trolls… And WON! 🙂

Halloween Game Night

Funk Family Game Night #14! Halloween Edition!! Zombie Dice, Halloween Spot It!, and Labyrinth! Plus, ‘witches brew’ and gross gummy things for drink and snacks… 😀

Funk Family Game Night #15! Hisss and Lost Puppies! 2 new games that I got for my birthday 🙂

Funk Family Game Night #16! Flash Point: Fire Rescue and Zombie Dice. The house collapsed before we rescued enough people (fortunately, I made it out ok!) but it was a lot of fun! Looking forward to playing it again!

Sing Your Heart Out!

Funk Family Game Night #17! Sing Your Heart Out and Beat the Parents! (And yes, they did, in fact, beat us. *sigh*)

Funk Family Game Night #18! Flashpoint: Fire Rescue and Beat the Parents… The fire got the best of us, again, but the parents pulled out a come-behind victory to end the night!

Forgot to post that Saturday was Funk Family Game Night #19! (with Aunt Shelley!) We played Wits and Wagers Family, Race to the Treasure, and Hisss!

Funk Family Game Night #20! Poo and Reverse Charades Junior! (Yes, you read that right. Poo.) Not sure why everyone went after ME first in Poo.. Boo. 🙂

Funk Family Game Day/Night #21!! (Funk Family Christmas Edition) SO many games with our family! Zombie Dice, 12 Days, Castle Panic, Hissss, Forbidden Island, Traveling Pictionary, Bears!, Go Nuts!, Euchre, Spot It… What a fantastic day!

Funk Family Game Night(s) #22! (Kennedy/Wallace/Funk Christmas Edition!) Lots of great games played by young and old alike.. Spot It!, Poo!, Hissss, Go Nuts!, The Logo Game, Fact or Crap, Apples to Apples Disney, Fibber, and even some Rudolph Operation! A great way to spend a weekend!

Funk Family Game Night #23! Played some more Christmas presents: Apples to Apples Junior and Fibber! (Though I think Brynna just wanted to see how big she could make her nose…)

Funk Family Game Night (Afternoon) #24!! Hey, That’s My Fish!, Bible Memory Match, and Bears! Not a bad way to spend a rainy and cold Sunday afternoon 🙂

Funk Family Game Night #25 (with the Browns!) – Thanx to them, we have a new game! Quelf! Lots of laughs and lots of fun with my best friends and our families 🙂

Flash Point: Fire Rescue

Funk Family Game Night #26! Brynna picked Flash Point: Fire Rescue! The fire got us again, but at least we saved the dog!

Funk Family Game Night #27! Abby picked Wits & Wagers Family, Sleeping Queens, and Reverse Charades! Fortunately, I’m fairly good at Wits & Wagers because I was (in Abby’s words) “pwned” (sic) in the other games…

Funk Family Game Night (well.. afternoon) #28! Ticket to Ride and Goblins Drool, Fairies Rule (a print-and-play prototype I printed from the internet)! Both were a big hit, and I can see Ticket to Ride coming out a lot on game nights 🙂

Funk Family Game Night #29! Hey! That’s My Fish and Hisssss!! Plus, earlier today, Brynna and I played 2-player Ticket to Ride and Hirelings: The Ascent 🙂

Beat the Parents

Funk Family Game Night #30! Brynna chose Go Fish, Rat-a-Tat Cat, and Apples to Apples: Disney! And Maddie was very “helpful” as we played 😀

Funk Family Game Night #31! Fairly short and later than usual, but still fun!! Abby chose Rat-A-Tat Cat! and Reverse Charades Junior 🙂

Last night was Funk Family Game Night #32! We played Ticket To Ride, again, and added in the destination cards (without penalty for not completing them)…  🙂

Funk Family Game Night #33! Ticket to Ride and Ghost Blitz! We played a bit early today to catch more of the tournament games later 🙂


Funk Family Game Night #34! Hirelings: The Ascent! The girls and I got out in time, but unfortunately we lost Jenn to the Fireball of Doom… Oh, well… 😀

Funk Family Game Night #35! Reverse Charades Junior! I’m not a huge fan of the game, but the girls like it a lot, so we end up playing it pretty often. It does generate some laughs, though… 🙂

Funk Family Game Night #36 (Brynna’s Birthday Edition)!! We played Rack-O and Get Bit! Somehow, the birthday girl even managed to win both games! I think the games were rigged…

Funk Family Game Night #37! King of Tokyo! Jenn as Alienoid rampaged to the win, but it was close there at the end (for everyone but me…) Unfortunately, I don’t have any family board games with a Star Wars theme 🙁 KoT was awesome, though!

Funk Family Game Night #38 (with Grandma!).. We played Quelf and Beat the Parents! Apparently, being on Grandma’s team was the way to go, because her team won both games…. Maybe age has its privileges……….

Funk Family Game Night #39! Dixit Journey and Hisssss! I _really_ liked Dixit, but I need some major work on my creativity in coming up with clues… 🙂

Flash Point: Fire Rescue

Funk Family Game Night #40! Flash Point: Fire Rescue! As you can see from the pics, we rescued our 7 victims and won, sacrificing ourselves to try to rescue an eighth..

Funk Family Game Night #41! It’s been a busy summer, but we’re back! Played Salmon Run and then We Didn’t Playtest This At All (with We Didn’t Playtest This, Either expansion)! Abby won the majority, and we’re looking forward to more official game nights!

Funk Family Game Night #42! We played Walk the Plank! and Forbidden Desert! Everyone teamed up against me in the first game, sending me to Davey Jones’ locker.. And the desert took its toll on us in the 2nd.. But GREAT games! Looking forward to playing again!

Salmon Run

Funk Family Game Night #43! We played Duck! Duck! Go! and Walk the Plank! Struggled a bit with the spatial reasoning in the first, but Brynna and I came out on top in Walk the Plank! Vindicated!

Funk Family Game Night #44!! (Halloween Edition!) – We played ‘Trick or Treat’, a fun little set-collecting card game. Lots of back-and-forth and set stealing.. And lots of fun!

Funk Family Game Night #45! We played Princess Bride: Prepare to Die! and pool! (No, pool’s not a board game… But still!) No pool sharks in the family, yet, but they’re getting there! 😀

Forbidden Desert

Funk Family Game Night #46! We played some King of Tokyo (with the Power Up pack).. The Cyber Bunny (Jenn) was victorious , but it was a hard fought battle!

Funk Family Game Night #47! We played Relic Expedition and Wooly Bully! Abby won both games, but they were both a lot of fun 🙂 Ending the year spending time with my family. Couldn’t think of a better way to do it 🙂

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