Funk Family Game Night #50!

Sunday , 4, May 2014 Leave a comment

Lat night was Funk Family Game Night #50!  We should’ve planned something big, but it was fairly spur-of-the-moment.  We decided to have a trivia game night.  🙂

First, we played 5-Second Rule.  Basically, given a category, you have 5 seconds to name 3 items from the category.  Sounds pretty simple?  Not when the timer is counting down  🙂  If the player doesn’t get 3, the next player gets an opportunity but CAN’T use anything already said!  I ended up winning, but it was closer than I figured.  We skipped some of the more obscure categories on Brynna’s turns in the hot seat…

Then we played Trivial Pursuit Family Edition.  I’ve actually always sort of enjoyed Trivial pursuit, but it’s definitely not because I’m good at it.  We played adults vs. kids and the adults got whooped.  The kids questions are WAY too easy for Abby.  Lots of true/false and multiple choice.  The adult questions, on the other hand, were _almost_ as difficult as in standard trivial pursuit.  The game plays really quickly, though, since you basically get the pie pieces when you answer the category’s question anywhere on the board.  And then immediately move back to the center when you’ve gotten all your pieces.

Overall a lot of fun, but I’m looking forward to our next game night a LOT.  Thinking we’ll play Formula E..  It should be awesome.

Let me know your thoughts!